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KATHERINE WILKINSON                    Raleigh, NC    919-816-7031                     

I love trees. They have shaded, sheltered and given me a leg up for as long as I can remember. My love of wood can be traced back to a childhood spent exploring the forests of my native Virginia, and to hours spent observing my father in his workshop turning rough stock into beautifully crafted family heirlooms.

Its warmth and endless variety makes wood the perfect medium for my own aesthetic sensibilities. As an artisan I have worked with woods both native and exotic to produce unusual hand-made furniture and accessories. VISIONARY WOOD is an attempt to share my craftsmanship with a wider audience, one that can appreciate distinctive, one-of-a-kind art. The patterns, colors and graining in the mirrors and frames pictured here are entirely natural. Unless otherwise stated, no stain, paint or process has been applied. I simply cut the wood and let nature express itself in the "visions" that appear-- everything from "lions" to "ghosts."

Though the process is simple, it is laborious. Each piece contains 25% to 50% reclaimed or recycled wood – everything from pallets to fences, from beams to broken limbs and branches. (We want to keep as many trees as we can on the planet!) Sizes are often dictated by the patterns in the wood. Because of the dramatic nature of the wood, mirrors have become an obvious choice for framing, however, coupled with the right artwork, these pieces are even more stunning.

As you look over my work I hope you will view nature in an entirely new light.

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